5 Top Reasons Why Drinking Water Helps Lose Weight

Any nutritionist will tell you that water is the healthiest liquid to drink: it’s calorie-free, helps you stay hydrated and is needed for the human body to function. It is an indispensable nutrient, it is vital for our kidneys to function, it fights dehydration and headaches, regenerates our skin cells keeping them young, and energizes our brain.

But water also has another major added benefit – it helps us lose weight! And there’s nothing more available and less expensive than water – water is free, after all, or VERY cheap.

Here are the five top reasons why drinking water helps lose weight:

  1. Water helps boost our metabolism – studies have shown that drinking water helps the body increase its metabolic rate by up to 30%, and a faster metabolism helps burn more calories.

  2. Water suppresses appetite – research shows that drinking water before a meal (some say at least one glass, some say more) makes people feel fuller, which in turn reduces food (and calorie) intake.

  3. Water helps hydrate your body and lose water weight – it’s all part of the same cycle, really. When we exercise, we need to hydrate our body so our muscles have water to function properly. When the body dehydrates, muscles lose water, which in turns makes it harder for them to exercise properly. This reduces the body’s calorie-burning potential.

  4. Water helps burn more calories – this relates to a chemical process in our body. When we drink water, the body burns fat calories to bring its temperature to our normal body temperature. When we drink cold or ice cold water, the body has to burn more calories to bring the cold water to body temperature.

  5. Water helps reduce calorie intake – water has zero calories, so replacing other beverages high in calories (sugar or even artificial sweeteners) with water is a win win.

The problem is that no one particularly enjoys drinking plain water. This is the main reason why despite the increasing awareness of the adverse effects of sugary drinks, people prefer them to water.

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