15 Tips that Make Drinking More Water Easy!

We all know the great benefits of drinking water. It helps us boost our metabolism, suppresses appetite,
helps hydrate the body and lose weight, and reduces calorie intake while burning more calories.
But let’s face it, most of us don’t like drinking water.
We know we have to, we know its many benefits, but we find it really hard to increase our water intake.
Here are some tips that will make you drink more water easily – at the office, while traveling, at the gym, and even home.
1. Add some flavor to it. Some natural orange, lemon or lime juice can make that boring water taste completely different, helping you drink more.
Just have a juicer handy, add a few drops to your bottle and you’re set!Mix and match to make a cocktail out of your water.
2. Add herbs to enhance the flavor. Mix lemon, cucumber and mint to make it tastier. Or mix spearmint, fresh ginger, cucumber and lemon to make a more ‘serious’ drink out of it. Finally, spice it up with cinnamon sticks, which has its own health benefits. These combinations are not only healthy but also low in calories and soothing.
3. Use an application. Today we all use apps – for counting calories or steps, to make appointment and what not. So what’s easier than using an app to drink water?
Set a goal of the amount of water you need to drink, set reminders and deadlines to drink certain amounts by certain times throughout the day, and keep track of your water consumption. But make sure your goals are achievable and realistic!
4. Buy a bottle of water and always carry it with you. Having a bottle handy at all times will help you stay hydrated. And when it empties, refill it with water from a water cooler,
which is really easy to do at work or in the gym. You can buy one of those fun, colorful bottles, but make sure you’ll use it. When you’re home, just fill it and put it in the fridge.
5. Start your day drinking at least two glasses of water before your first cup of coffee, while you’re waiting for your favorite blend to brew.
Water counters the effects of caffeine, which dehydrates the body.
6.  Drink a glass of water before each meal and definitely as a starter if you go out for lunch of dinner.
Many times, drinking water will help suppress your appetite and you’ll eat less.
7.  Eat plenty of foods with lots of water like watermelon, melon, cucumber, celery, lettuce and the like.
They have a very high-water content and contain vitamins and minerals.


8. Are you a party person? Drink water instead of alcoholic beverages. It is healthier and will keep you hydrated while you dance the night away.
If you have to have your alcohol though, make sure to drink lots of water too to replenish fluids.
9. Invest in those colorful, fun, crazy straws that will help you sip water throughout the day because it’s fun
10. Replace your sugary or even low-calorie beverages, fruit juices and the like with a glass of water.
If it’s sweet you’re after, drink flavored water with no artificial sweeteners.
11. Add ice cubes to your water. It will make it tastier and will help you lose weight as cold water burns more calories.
Add berries, grapes, little pieces of lemon and lime or other fruits and add them to your water or ‘eat’ them as snacks.
12. Play water-drinking games with friends and colleagues and even engage in a friendly wager.
Instead of betting who can drink more beer, why not bet who can drink more water?
13. Make popsicles with water, puree of fresh fruit, or pieces of fruits like watermelon or melon.
Especially good in the summer months, these will quench your thirst, will keep you hydrated and will help you increase your water intake.


14. If you like water to start with, try different types – mineral water, sparkling water, almond water, coconut water.
There are many different kinds of water on the market helping you find the one that’s right for you.
15. Drink hot water first thing in the morning and before you retire at night. It aids digestion, and is both soothing and relaxing.
Add a wedge of lemon to it and you will not only hydrate your body but will also make your skin more radiant.
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