How Does it Work?

In order to appreciate how The Right Cup™ works, it’s important to understand the dynamics of how smell affects taste.

The sensation of flavor is a combination of smell, taste and sight.
As you drink from The Right Cup, your nose picks up the fruity aroma, your tongue gets a hint of the sweet taste, and the vivid color catches your eye.
As a result, the overall drinking experience is enhanced, leading you to drink more water with Zero calories, zero carbohydrates, and zero sugar – just pour water and enjoy the taste.

The tongue only tastes 5 sensations: sweet, bitter, sour, salty and umami. The overall taste experience is a result of the interaction of these 5 sensations and the sense of smell. It is estimated that the sense of smell is responsible for approximately 80% of the flavor experience. When people eat and drink, food and liquids release volatile aromas that travel up from the nose and from inside the mouth, past the sinuses, until they reach the nasal epithelium which sends a message to the olfactory bulb that the aromas are in fact tastes.

The Right Cup’s natural fruit aroma combined with a patented sweet taste technology, gives your brain the perception that you are drinking fruit flavored water.

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